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My first book went live a few week ago, in KU, and after an initial flurry of sales things have now flat-lined. That's OK, I wasn't expecting to do much with just one book and no promotion.

I'm now working on the next project, a three book scifi series.

I'm considering giving away the current book for mailing list signups, this is just a way to start building my mailing list so that I have something to work with when I go to launch the next project.

My question is this: Can I give this book away for free if it's still in KU?

Thanks in advance.


geraldmkilby said:
What if they were classified as a 'Review Copy'?
You cannot distribute your book while it is exclusive with Amazon. If you want to give "review copies" you can...but only actual review copies to actual reviewers. If you have some idea of giving away a free copy to every person who signs up for your mailing list, even if it is 1000 people, I'm pretty sure Amazon won't consider those 'review' copies but rather "Look at Gerald trying to circumvent the TOS."
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