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Can I say this in my blurb?

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The real question is, if a review is not unfavorable, is it favorable?

I received a review a couple years ago in a national magazine that I would like to mention in my blurb. 

Here's the review:
"Jerri Lincoln has written a book giving several dozen exercises for EAAT students ranging from the simple to the complex. Designed to aid flexibility, balance, coordination and strength, the exercises also can be used as a warm-up and to facilitate trust between horse and rider.  Photos illustrate every exercise and pose."

Can I say that I received a favorable review?  I mean . . . they wouldn't have put it in their magazine if they didn't like the book, right?
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I don't think anyone will go searching for the write-up, so as long as it exists I don't think you'd have a problem. Though the write-up is so damn neutral that calling it a review might just be unkind to the word "description". It all depends on whether you feel dirty on the inside calling it a "favourable review". If you do, and feeling dirty on the inside is bad, don't do it! If you're less of a moralist and more of a businesswoman: interpretation's the thing...
IMO it was favorable. They used it as a resource so they must have liked it and found it credible.

I do commercial web writing too. If I link to a credible website (government, big company, doctor, etc.) as a resource for people to find more information, I assume readers will find it a credible resource - I don't write a glowing review of the website.
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