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can someone please tell me Kobo and Google play EINs

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Can someone look at their form from Nook and tell me what Nook's Employer ID is? Thank you.

edit - need kobo and google play still.
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Are you talking about their EIN? (Employer Identification Number?) It's on the box on your 1099-MISC that says "Payer's Federal Identification Number" if that's what your asking for.
yes 555 thats exactly it.  I am asking because i dont have that form. Thanks.
What is Kobo and Google plays EIN and payer names?  I have the numbers just dont have the EINs...
Is this for taxes or something? If so, I can't see why you'd need it. You don't need to send in your 1099s to the IRS.
Does Kobo even have one? I didn't think they did since they aren't a U.S. company and they don't send out 1099s.
So what the hell do I do Turbotax keeps asking me for these EIN numbers from google and kobo and doesn't let me proceed to file .
You can verify a publicly traded company's EIN in the annual 10-K report to the SEC. Google's EIN is 77-0493581.

Kobo is owned by Rakuten, which isn't a U.S. company. Let me see what I can find out. BRB
Thanks Race... i just found out the 200/20k rule before you get a 1099 so I dont think I need that. Thanks again.
DGS said:
Thanks Race... i just found out the 200/20k rule before you get a 1099 so I dont think I need that. Thanks again.
Right, you don't need the 1099 to file your federal income tax form, as long as you have the correct amount and can identify the income source. Did you already try to put "unknown" for the income source for Kobo?
I think I found a solution for the Kobo income (and probably the Google income, too). Don't report it in the "Less Common Income" section for 1099s. Instead, here's what they say:

"Then don't enter them as a 1099Misc. Delete those and enter the income under General Income not reported on a 1099Misc."
Yeah turbotax wouldnt let it go through under unknown or undisclosed... cool there is a solution for EIN problems, hopefully someone else can find this useful in the future, I know  I searched all over for it.
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