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Can you die in Paradise? Sure you can. Several times a day, if you like. And you'll want to. At least until you get it right. The Lesser Gods, a contemporary fantasy.

All the great myths say the same thing: thousands of years ago, man was thrown out of Paradise. He left with nothing but pain, suffering, and death. And, according to one myth, he also left with a book.

The book lay hidden for a thousand years in a Templar treasure cache along the Syrian border, and things might have been better if it had never come to Rachael Nayar. The terrorists who found it and sold it on the black market realize too late what it can do, and they want it back. Black market treasure hunters are after it as well; they want to sell it a page at a time to rich collectors. The Church, hinting darkly about what's in the book, wants to hide it in their restricted archive before the secret gets out. All of them are ready to kill to have it. Rachael Nayar and her friends David and Sita dodge them all as they work to crack the mysterious alphabet of rings and learn what is hidden in this book.

Once they finally read the words that were last heard in Paradise, nothing is ever going to be the same. The words in the book give you anything you want. But with people dying all around them trying to get this book, Rachael decides the only thing to do is to put it all up on the Internet. If everyone has the secret, maybe the killing will stop. Little does she guess. . . .

In Rachael's new Paradise, there is no cold or hunger or sickness. Of course, no one is immortal-people are still dying-in fact, most people die several times a day. At least, until they get it right. In Rachael's world, you'll learn a lot about the ultimate in pleasure and in pain.

Find a sample on my blog, and the novel itself at Amazon.

Many thanks.

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