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G4, tv channel that revolves around the electronics, games, and babes...or at least that's how my bro and his friends describe it...but I don't stay up to midnight to catch the segments my bro&company watch.

G4, one of my personal favorite channels as it includes odd (sometimes suggestive) humor and tech news in one. It is the source of the majority of my podcast subscribtions. During the year, the channel detours from its usual schedule and includes some of biggest electronic conventions as well as other nerdy gatherings (I as geek, am glued to the tv during this time). They cover E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), ComicCon, AnimeExpo, and CES (Consumer Electronic Show).

With CES officially starting today, their site is practically over run by the convention as they continue to update their site with articles, videos, photos, press conference keynotes, and discussions on what is going on...throughout the day. (current time: 2:55. Lastest update: 2:35 Update for that: 2:33)

CES at
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