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The first book I wrote was a textbook for Wiley. It is listed on Amazon and sells reasonably well for a textbook.

I decided not to use my real name to write in different genres that have nothing to do with my textbook.

So I decided to use a pen name for the fiction books because I thought if instructors and students saw I wrote unrelated fiction that it would hurt my textbook sales.

I write in sci fi mostly but have written a books in what I call the Nickolas Sparks genre and even book for children. Each have a different pen name.

I just finished a memoir that is doing well under my real name.

So I have had a couple of editors suggest that I put all my books under my real name and stop using the pen names. They reasoning was that it would only widen my exposure. I don't know if that is true or not.

Have any of you tried switching to your real name after using a pen name? If you have do you have any suggestions or experiences you can share. 
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