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Hi guys/gals, I'm in the process of writing a fantasy trilogy and I have a few characters that I've come up with, but I need about three more. First, let me give you a bit of the story so that you know where I'm coming from. The main Character is a Wizard, The Wizard of Lockley to be precise. He has a butler/bodyguard who just happens to be a troll and who speaks perfect English thanks to a spell from the Wizard who thinks it's important to be able to communicate with one’s servant. Our next character is locked inside a skull on the mantelpiece above the fire, who happens to be the Wizards old master. He ended up in there when a brand new spell backfired. The last of the characters is Jenny a human, who has turned up because of prophesy. Apparently, she's supposed to be the Wizard's next apprentice but he's not too happy about the situation, I mean who’s ever heard of a female Wizard, right?

I need a cook a scullery maid and a housekeeper. Not just any old cook, scullery maid or house keeper but characters who are different. Let your imaginations run free and if I like any of the characters you come up with I'll use him/her in the story.

Thanks in advance

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