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Chargers & Cables for Touch

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We have two Kindle Touch's but only one charger and cable.  Somehow the cable end got damaged and will not insert into the Kindle receptacle.  I've got several other cables that came with camera's and one that came with an older cell phone.  Only the cable that came with the cell phone will mate with the Kindle.  Apparently there are multiple configurations of "micro" USB connectors.  If I buy a new cable, what should I look for?

I'm confused by the designations of USB connectors.  I found "AmazonBasics USB Cable - 2.0 A Male to Micro B - 6 Feet"(this is a direct copy & paste).  There are also all kinds of car chargers.  I don't want to buy anything until I'm sure it will work.

Where can I find specs of what is required for our Kindle Touch's?
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Yes you need the micro B.   
The one with your camera is probably the mini B.
The mini fits several older phones, cameras, some ereaders and Garmins.
The micro fits pretty much everything else.
Hope this helps.  Yes I have the touch.
Thanks for the information.  I will start looking for a cable and another charger.  Some cables I have found online leave the impression that they are not to be used for charging.  Why is this?

The only thing I can think of is the wire is so small that it won't carry even the small current needed for charging.
Those are data cables.  Not sure why as I don't own any of them.  Now that 6 ft one you found should charge for you.

Scroll down on the link a bit and you'll find an explanation of micro USB versus mini USB, including a picture of each. They are pretty easy to tell apart visually once you're used to it.
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