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Well, I'm back from California. What's that, you say? You didn't know I was gone? That was deliberate. I wasn't about to announce on the internet that I would be gone for nearly a week, with my house empty. I had a great time, and I came back with a nice souvenir: a brand new, hot-pink cast covering a broken wrist. I fell at the Getty Museum and landed on my hand. Well, at least it happened at a nice place, and not because of slipping on ice (the last time I broke a bone).

In the meantime my sales chugged along without me. Without a computer to check them obsessively, I had no idea what was going on, but when I got home I saw that they were about what I expected. No, I didn't suddenly hit Amazon's algorithms, but I also didn't go down to zero. Acceptable.
Now, broken wrist or not, I'm getting another book ready for reissue. It's a full-length Regency titled A Summer Folly, and the release date is, appropriately, June 21, for the first day of summer. I'm back, folks, and happy to be here.
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