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As a fan of many things that are "icky", I may make a skin out of a pic I took in the Catecombs of Paris - popular tourist attraction, not some creepy destination. Well, it is creepy, but...

I may only get the front done since Skinderella is in a cover, and it's twice the price. Then again, I may not get this at all since these are real skulls and that's even a little creepy to me. I'm gonna think about it. But for those who may like the "icky", too, I wanted to post.

If I get it, I'm gonna edit the pic so the missing screen part can be posted in Jim's thread and he can make a scrnsvr for me if he would be so kind. But if someone else wants, I can post the pic so you can do with it what you want. make it different dimensions, make the back part too, edit to fit as a scrnsvr, etc.

I am trying other pics, like purty art, and purty stained glass windows, but Tego isn't allowing me to upload more pics even after deleting and clearing on those pages. I'm not ALL about the icky. :)
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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