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Oprah had a particularly moving segment 4/15/09 about protecting our children from predators. On, she has provided easy-to-follow instructions with everything you'll need to contact your senators and representatives by mail, email, fax, or phone (including a sample letter to print out, contact info, etc.). A direct link to Oprah's page is below. Please act now before the July 2009 deadline expires! Make your voice heard by imploring your senators and state representatives to comply with Adam's law and give it full funding. It's worth our brief time to act on this and pass it on (you can even cut-and-paste this post into an email and forward to friends, family, and coworkers). Thank you!


Help Get Funding for the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act

The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act was passed on July 25, 2006-20 years after Adam Walsh's abduction. The act established a National Sex Offender Registry law, but recent news reports reveal most states will not be in compliance with the law by the upcoming July 2009 deadline! If senators and state representatives don't comply with and fully fund the act, IT WILL EXPIRE!

If we don't protect our children, who will?
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