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Hello! My name is Rebekah, and I am an author/publisher working on getting into the editing business. I'm currently working on a Master of Arts in Composition so that I can be the best possible book doctor. I'm a word nerd and love my coursework, but I'd also love to edit while I'm still in school.

I specialize in Christian Fiction, so if that is your genre, I'd love to edit for you. If that isn't your genre, I can still take a look at it. I can do structural editing, line editing and proofreading. My favorite thing to do is check for Biblical soundness. I have a lot of experience with the Bible and could be a great asset to Christian authors.

My rates are on the low end of industry standards as I gain experience. So that'll be between $300 per project for proofreading and $.02 cents per word for full structural editing. Each level of editing includes the levels below it.

Please check out my website to find out more:
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