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I'm looking for other authors with Christmas or winter stories/novels (particularly romance and erotica, but I'm wide open to all genres) who wish to do a joint blogging event, likely in July, to try to bring some attention to our holiday-related works in the off season.

I've seen a mild bump this week in sales for one of my Christmas stories (for some reason), so I was thinking it might be good to pay some attention to it.

Please PM me, or express interest below. I haven't worked out the details, but I'd like to see reviews, posts and visits to each other's blogs about holiday writing and holiday books, and I am thinking of doing it for a week to give people ample days to participate.

Suggestions are more than welcome, as I've never co-ordinated a blog event before.

ETA: I will be doing a week long Holiday theme on my blog in July, so if you wish to do an interview or guest spot about your holiday work, or want me to do a review, PM me and we can pencil you in! I will post daily link lists of other bloggers with Christmas posts that week, as well.
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