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The story of Santa Claus, a white-bearded man who gives gifts to children, has been told for centuries. How did he come to be known as the most mysterious person in the world? What is his story?

What do you think the story of Santa Claus is? A little old man who rides reindeer to deliver presents to children? Or a CEO of a gift factory, with thousands of elves as employees?

Stories can take us on a journey and now it’s your turn to become a storyteller and bring Santa Claus to life!

We invite all storytellers to tell this tale of mystery and wonder!

How it works:
  • Submit your story at Readl Stories
  • On the story’s details tab, make sure to add the tag “SantaChallenge
  • To ensure a fair challenge among participants, please set the price at 1$ MATIC minimum
  • Only transactions that occur from November 22rd at 8:00 UTC through December 11 at 23:00 UTC will be considered for the counting.
  • The winner will be announced on Twitter on December 12.
  • Stories must be priced at 1 $MATIC or more.
  • Stories must include the tag SantaChallenge
  • The Readl Team reserve the right to exclude any entry that does not abide by the Terms and Conditions.
  • Every story genre is accepted (short story, poetry, comics, etc)
  • Contestants can enter as many stories into the competition as they like.
The prizes:

The 3 most sold stories will receive the following prizes:
This contest has the collaboration of Lunar StrategyA Marketing Agency specializing in Web3 & Crypto.

Do you have any questions? Reach out to the Readl Team here
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