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Cleaning the Kindle

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Do you guys clean the Kindle screen? There are small oil dots or something on it from when my friends and family think it's touch-screen. No big deal yet but I imagine after a while it'll need a clean. Dry cloth? Or a spray similiar to those used on sunglasses?
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That's why I have a screen protector on mine  ;D

I would try a cloth with slightly dampened with water and see if that does the trick.

Maybe you can use/have those clean-your-computer-screen vials  ???


Any eyeglass cleaning kit will work to clean the screen. They usually come with a cleaning fluid and a soft lint-free cloth. If you need the cleaning fluid, spray very lightly on the cloth and wipe the screen gently.
I use my dad's screen cleaner that's made for electronics (its alcohol free). Its called ScreenClean. In addition I use a micro fiber cloth
So sounds like the little packet I got to clean my sunglasses will do the trick. Usually those sprays are pretty safe and they come with a cloth.
I use a white vinegar/water/dish soap mixture to clean the screen.  It works very well, its the same thing I use to clean my windows.  No alcohol, no icky chemicals.
The crystal cycle on the dishwasher and delicate cycle on the washing machine work well also  ;)
alcohol free is the key.  no more 12 step programs for my Kindle.  My dogs like to lick every thing.  They keep my kindle sparkely clean and it has a very lustrious shiny coat.  :)
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