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Well, it has finally happened. My first book, Coercion, has been released. While it is currently only available on Smashwords, it will be trickling out to the others in a matter of days as soon as the vetting process goes through. If you want to wait for the Kindle so you can take it on the go, that works, but at the very least you can sample the first fifty pages or so and see what you think. All feedback is appreciated and encouraged as long as it is constructive and not filled with nonsense.

Here is the brief synopsis:

Boris Shalakov, a feared mob enforcer, has devised a scheme to steal millions from an armored car. Jimmy Mills, a detective who moonlights for the mob as an enforcer to pay off his gambling debts, decides to get even. When Mills learns Piotr Serotov, a mobster working as a CI on the heist to avoid a major gun charge, he forces Serotov to be his reluctant ally in a deadly game of mutual parasitism.

Again, it will be out for the Kindle, but probably not until next week, but the plans are in motion.
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