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Trekker said:
The hinge system on the Amazon leather cover works really well. It's a well thought out design, and light-years ahead of the K1's attempt at a cover.

I hope other cover manufacturers take advantage of the hinge system. It's much better than elastic and much better than velcro.
I got the Amazon cover to use till my M-edge gets here and I'm probably going to order an Oberon too. I like the Amazon cover and I know everyone is saying it is much better than what came with the K1. My question: Is the M-edge thicker (in the amount of padding) than what is on the Amazon cover? I know you can't speak to what M-edge is doing for the K2, but I would think they'd still be like what they did for the K1. I had ordered an Oberon (before we knew Amazon was going to switch to the K2) so I know how it compares in thickness.

I like the hinge system on the Amazon cover, I'm just concerned that because the cover isn't that thick (it's very sleek in design if you haven't seen it), it won't provide the protection that I think the M-edge or the Oberon would provide. I'd appreciate any comments from those that have the new cover and have seen/used the m-edge or the oberon in comparison.

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