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Come blatantly self-promote at Fangirl Friday!

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The Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood has begun a new feature every week -- Fangirl Fridays!

Consider this a standing invitation to hop on over to our blog every week for a chance to leave a comment, including links! We're looking for new releases, special sale prices, preorder info, whatever!

Or you could even leave a comment raving about a book you just read. The choice is yours, so come fangirl with us!

EDIT: I went ahead and changed the post to today's post so people will comment in the right one. ;D
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How cool! Thanks for sharing.  :)

I shared a book I just finished reading. Cool website!  :)
The blog itself is owned by the 2009 Golden Heart finalists, but we don't require that only romances can be promoted on Fangirl Fridays. Most of us -- and our readers -- have eclectic reading tastes!
Rich Amooi said:
How cool! Thanks for sharing. :)

I shared a book I just finished reading. Cool website! :)
Thanks, Rich, for the suggestion. Looks great! Glad you like the website. We normally cater to writers during most of the week, but Fridays are our one day of the week primarily for readers!
Thanks for checking out the blog, Cady!

Seriously, standing invitation every Friday. The door's open!
What a great opportunity for shameless self-promotion! Thanks so much. :)
This is great! I just put in a plug for a big free boxed set that I and several other Kboarders are in. :)
Great! Can you help me keep this bumped, so other authors -- and readers! -- will see it today?

And make sure to come back each Friday. It's a new feature, and we'd like to get the ball rolling with people adding to this their weekly routine. ;)
I just got my plug in. Thanks for the opportunity.
Glad you're all enjoying the feature! Be sure to check out the other parts of the website -- there's nearly 5 years worth of material on there. LOTS of writing articles -- craft, promotion, industry. Good stuff!
Keep on posting!
I gave myself a shameless little plug, but now I notice the dancers on your book covers! Are you/did you dance? I danced professionally for too short a time before a ruptured Achilles ended that adventure.

So, of course, the next logical step was to write a book about vampires and ballet dancers! ;)
Thanks so much! :) Looks like you have quite a response. I just tweeted and posted.
Thanks for allowing me to plug my books. I'll tweet about your site--which is very nice, by the way.
Thank you thank you! Blatant plug submitted!
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