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My weakness for accessories is your gain. I've got so much stuff and I'm not using it.

Amazon K2 cover - Gently used - $18 taken

I have a gently used M-Edge Executive Jacket in Sapphire Blue for the K1 - $20 taken

Oberon Pond Business Card case in Fern & Oberon Fairy Business Card case in Purple - $14 each or get both for $25 (pond is taken)

Belkin Quilted Mini laptop bag in Pink - $8 taken

I'll pay for shipping and will take Paypal or Amazon Gift Card (I prefer Amazon gift card)

I'll say up front, I probably won't be anywhere close to town until Wednesday. The last few times I've asked my husband to drop packages off for me, he's forgotten and I found them in his car 2 weeks later :mad:
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