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I read that you can use ConverKit's physical address in your newsletter emails. I don't want to use my physical address and was thinking of renting a PO box, but if I can use ConvertKit's address, that may be a better option. Has anyone done this?

Here is the section of their terms regarding their PO Box:

Notice Regarding Customer Use of ConvertKit P.O. Box

ConvertKit makes a P.O. Box address available for customers to use for purposes of email marketing. By using the P.O. Box address, you agree:

a. You are a ConvertKit customer;

b. You will use the P.O. Box address only for email marketing using ConvertKit's services;

c. You give ConvertKit permission to open all mail to this address in order to pass it on to the correct recipient;

d. You will not use this address for fraud or any other unlawful activity;

e. ConvertKit will not forward physical mail or packages. It will only scan mail and email you a PDF;

f. ConvertKit may refuse anyone the right to use the P.O. Box address for any reason; and

g. ConvertKit reserves the right to discontinue use of the P.O. Box address at any time for any reason.

476 Posts and others.
Legal obligations related to Newsletter content
US Law: Depending on where your customers live, specific laws relating to spam may apply. In the US, the FTC's CAN-SPAM Act sets rules for sending commercial messages, including email.

The major requirements of the CAN-SPAM Act are as follows:
Tell recipients where you're located.
You must include your valid physical postal address.
other description of the requirements can be found in this google search
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