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I read that you can use ConverKit's physical address in your newsletter emails. I don't want to use my physical address and was thinking of renting a PO box, but if I can use ConvertKit's address, that may be a better option. Has anyone done this?

Here is the section of their terms regarding their PO Box:

Notice Regarding Customer Use of ConvertKit P.O. Box

ConvertKit makes a P.O. Box address available for customers to use for purposes of email marketing. By using the P.O. Box address, you agree:

a. You are a ConvertKit customer;

b. You will use the P.O. Box address only for email marketing using ConvertKit's services;

c. You give ConvertKit permission to open all mail to this address in order to pass it on to the correct recipient;

d. You will not use this address for fraud or any other unlawful activity;

e. ConvertKit will not forward physical mail or packages. It will only scan mail and email you a PDF;

f. ConvertKit may refuse anyone the right to use the P.O. Box address for any reason; and

g. ConvertKit reserves the right to discontinue use of the P.O. Box address at any time for any reason.
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