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Can you recommend any cooking channels on YouTube? These are some that I follow...

Food Wishes: IMO, this is the best cooking vlog out there. Chef John is personable and punny. Accumulating over twelve years, his video library is extensive.
Maangchi: Korean dishes from the charming Maangchi where part of the fun (for me at least) is seeing what she's wearing.
You Suck At Cooking: The recipes get overshadowed by satire/humor/snark, but that's why this one stands out.
Cooking With Dog: A long-running channel that featured Francis the dog watching and 'narrating' as the chef demonstrates Japanese recipes. These days, it's a stuffed dog, but still cute.
Binging With Babish: Mostly recreations of dishes from film and TV. Fast-moving and somewhat tongue-in-cheek, I usually only watch when the source is familiar to me.
Almazan Kitchen: A combination of ASMR and bushcraft, there is no talking - just mouthwatering cooking outdoors.
Gochujang Mama: Mostly Mexican recipes. She's pretty thorough about taking you through each process.
Brothers Green Eats: These guys have been covering basic and experimental techniques as well as exploring vegetarian and ethnic ingredients. Usually with a focus on restricted budgets.
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