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copied books not appearing on kindle touch

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i have copied books from a flashdrive onto my new kindle touch.  When I attach the kindle to my computer, it is telling me the books are on it.  However, when I eject the kindle from the computer I can't find any books on it.  Can anyone help?
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HI, guntawang, welcome to Kindleboards!

Two things to consider:

Have you put the files into the Kindle's 'documents' folder - that's where they need to go.

Are the files of a compatible type for the Kindle? Amazon says:-

You can purchase and wirelessly download Kindle books, newspapers, magazines and blogs from the Kindle Store as well as download and read other types of non-DRM (Digital Rights Management) text-based content on your Kindle Touch. Here's a list of file types recognized by Kindle Touch:
•Documents: Kindle (.AZW3, .AZW, .AZW1). Text (.TXT), Unprotected Mobipocket (.MOBI, .PRC), .PDF
•Audible:Audible (.AA, .AAX)
•Music: MP3 (.MP3)

Mobipocket files must have no Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection applied to readable on your Kindle Touch. If you purchased a Mobipocket file from a Mobipocket retailer, you will not be able to open the file on your Kindle Touch.

EPUB eBooks are not supported on Kindle Touch.
Edit: Also, if the books are Amazon books you downloaded to a previous Kindle, you can't just transfer the files to your new one - you would have to re-download them directly from your archive at Amazon, either directly from the Kindle or from your 'manage your kindle' page.
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