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This is a continuation of an earlier thread Cover 1 and Cover 2

John Lennon said to "give peace a chance." What would the world be like without war?

Peezis Rilly Here, who speaks in free verse with rhyme, accidentally stumbles upon such a world when he cleans his gutter. He breaks the news to the generals and admirals in the Tangopen, who are none too pleased to hear about no more war. No one calls Peezis a hero, In fact, he is unemployed and must find a job. Someone steals his lawn and ships it to the moon for a new golf course. Clues point to the work of L. Vie and Olivence. Meanwhile, Peezis's sidekick Dr. Cerpeption, who speaks in rhymed couplets, looks outside one morning and sees that the future has arrived in his back yard, with a thunk.

It's a playful, whimsical world these original fictional characters inhabit. It only lasts awhile. You can always find this shout from the Sixties and stay there a spell.

"Owen's mind works in ways that few poets' minds work. His perspective in the first section of the Trilogy - The Living Legend of Peezis Rilly Here - is truly unique, and takes strong, overt political stands." -- Bernadette Geyer, Bernie E-Zine

Link goes to blurb.

What do you think?
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