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Cover Reveal - Thanks Keith!

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Thanks to Keith for doing such an awesome job on our first ever custom book cover art! I was very surprised at the turn-around. He managed to deliver way before the book was even through the first editing run :D

What does everyone else think!

PS: I should really start writing books (even if they are terrible) so I have an excuse to buy awesome cover art :p
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Awesome cover. And I love the egg timer, very intriguing!  ;D
I like the illustration very much. 

I also like the concept of writing books just to get cover art :)
Illustration is excellent. Personally I wouldn't use that colour for the text as it gets a little bit lost amongst the grey hair and hourglass. It's an awkward one though because you don't want it to clash either. The thumbnail looks intriguing anyway and that's what's important for online stores.
Oh, that's awesome! But what can you expect from Keith, other than awesome?  ;)

I also got my first cover from him, and now I'm in line for two more covers for my short stories! It's becoming an addiction! I can't wait to finish my second novel just so I can see what cover Keith comes up with!

Whew! Talk about free marketing, Keith! A happy customer is a talkative customer--and word of mouth is probably the most effective way to boost sales.
That's great work. Very cool feel to the thing. If I was cruising through Amazon books, I'd click on that just to see what it was all about.
Wow! Keith does great work. I can't wait for mine to come!!!
Seriously awesome!!! Love the intricate illustration and the composition! This one will definitely catch the attention of casual browsers. :)
I LOVE that cover, as I've already said a bunch of times. Still, it's worth repeating over and over. Amazing!
Thanks everyone! Now we just have to wait on the book itself to be done  ;D

Keith will be doing book 2's cover as well, and I am sure we will be back for #3!
Ignis_Designs said:
I like the illustration very much.

I also like the concept of writing books just to get cover art :)
I know right? :p
Awesome cover! The detail is phenomenal...and Keith is wonderful to work with. Especially love the owl and raven. Congrats!
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