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I've always had success with blog tours. The cover reveals I got a lot of buy in from bloggers, like 20 on my last one. I did learn to put the cover release a week before instead of 3-4 weeks. I think it stays in people's heads better. Have you tried a Facebook Release Party? There are promoters that do that. I've got about 5 different promoters working for the book I'm releasing on March 25. I found that using different promoters does get the word out. If you go with one, it repeats with the same people over and over. But then, sometimes people need to see a name over and over before they buy. I've built my newsletter mailing list by using a few different promoters in conjunction with a release.

I've also seen Book Blitz which is similar to a cover reveal, but it's for a book after releasing. It's good to get interest going for a book that's been out awhile, or needs a push.

Good luck with your release!  8)
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