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Cover Whimsy--pre-made cover art

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(update: Jan 24, 2013)

(Jan 14, 2012)

I recognize a lot of the names and faces on this board. My name is Gwen Hayes, I write romance for adults and young adults. My books are a combination of self and traditionally published. I enjoy collaborating with the fantastic editors I've had at NAL/Penguin, Samhain, and Entangled...but I also really enjoy the freedom and control of self-publishing, so I continue to do both based on the project. My newest jump has been into Indie support by offering pre-made covers and content editing.

I'm excited to be offering both services at reasonable prices.
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Welcome Gwen! I really like The Way We Were, I love vintage covers.
Thank you very much! I also love retro and vintage. And the '80s...but that is a whole different topic .  ;)

I really appreciate your comment. Your covers are lovely.
Hello all...I updated the top post with a few new seasonal covers and a SALE! Use the code: Hearts in the shopping cart for 20% all covers.
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Thank you for the welcome!
Things got super crazy and I've closed Cover Whimsy for the time being so I can devote my energy to editing. Sorry folks.
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