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Covers... want one?

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Hi all :)

I'm a graphic artist by trade. I've been writing off and on since I started drawing (some time pre-school) but I've always put it in the you'll-never-make-a-living-out-of-it category, i guess. (Slush pile: scariest monster ever!) ....BUT! - then I bought a kindle!  :p

So, I researched, and in my predominant genre I stumbled across Michael J. Sullivan (and, of course, Robin!) ...and 'The Joys of Self-Publishing' etc ...and it's all been a blur of editing and reading and writing and sketching and web-searching ever since  ;D
I guess you would say I am in an unusual circumstance. I am an ex-pat. My other half slogs hard through dirt and mire. Meanwhile I... god bless/curse the tax laws... have plenty of time on my hands  :D

In short: If any other authors out there are looking for a hand with designing their cover, i'm more than willing to help.

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do you have set fees per cover or are they charges at individual rates?
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