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MooreFiction said:
One burning question I have, and would greatly appreciate feedback on, is my outline for the new mystery in the new series see's the murder taking place in chapter 6. The other chapters are all world building and character introduction. Is chapter 6 of about 21 too far in or okay for Cozies? In a regular mystery I would have it in chapter 1 but I suspect cozies may be a little different.
I actually prefer the mysteries that delay the murder, and introduce you to the victim before he/she is The Body. And the cozy genre allows it, so long as you keep the reader's interest otherwise. Most cozies that are series have the sleuth (usually an amateur) and the sleuth's wacky friends and relations, so that can keep things percolating while you're waiting for the corpse to show up. I've continued to follow some series when the murders and the solution to the mysteries were really kinda lame, because the continuing saga of the sleuth's life and the wacky friends kept my interest. But intricate mystery solutions and a boring cast of characters, not so much.
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