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Argus Ward is a hero with a secret. Everyone knows he once saved the President's life, but very few people are aware that he's also a paranoid schizophrenic. Luckily, he's been able to keep his condition under control with medication...until he sees a naked flight attendant on a corporate jet and begins a slow, torturous descent into insanity.And therein lies the premise of Eric Christopherson's "Crack-Up" - one of the BEST thrillers I've read in ages. "Crack-Up" is an incredible debut novel and an absolute must-read. -- Amazon reviewer
Crack-Up, by Eric Christopherson

Argus Ward is a former U.S. Secret Service agent who runs a protection agency catering to the rich and famous. His best-kept secret--which he shares with lawyers, doctors and even psychiatrists--is his status as a high-functioning paranoid schizophrenic. One day, with little warning, he turns psychotic for the first time in twenty years. He lands in a secure psychiatric facility, charged with the murder of his most famous client, high tech industry billionaire John Helms, the wealthiest man in America.

Argus has no memory of the killing. A blood test suggests to him that some unknown enemy had switched his anti-psychotic medication with identical-looking dummy pills to purposely drive him insane.

A sign of lingering paranoia? His doctor thinks so. Even his wife.

Yet Argus escapes incarceration to prove his theory. With the law on his trail and a ticking time bomb in his head--due to a lack of medication--he discovers that his disease had been "weaponized" by a powerful group to secretly assassinate John Helms as part of a multiple assassination conspiracy of world-wide significance.

Or has Argus simply lost his mind again? What in the end is "real" and what is only imagination in his story?

And what is justice for the criminally insane?

Come lose your grip on reality. Read CRACK-UP.

79,000 words (316 standard pages)

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Meet the Author
Eric is a former police officer and federal government consultant. He is a summa cum laude graduate of the University of Texas at Tyler, where he majored in Psychology, and he has a graduate degree in Public Policy Studies from Duke University.

He was born in California, grew up in New England, and has since lived throughout the United States and a bit in Asia. He now lives in semi-rural Ohio with his wife, Seiko, and a toddler son, Keith.

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