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Crazy Sales comparisons

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I did another analysis of sales data through the past year and realized this worked out to be pretty steady.
This is a combined value over multiple authors that we publish, each individual author may be selling better at one site over another.

Smashwords  - $x per quarter year
Kobo            - $x per month
Pubit            - $x per week
Amazon        - $x per 6 hours

X obviously being the same number across all sites. Is anyone else's sales numbers in a similar range? I'm wondering if people with multiple pens names start to flatten out into a similar figure.
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Smashwords is terrible. I make TONS at Amazon, Kobo and Lulu compared with Smash. I uploaded a lot of books there back in November I thought would sell. The only sales I had were the very day I uploaded them!
Nope. But then again, as you yourself stated, individual author results vary.
The majority of my sales from Amazon as well. Lagging just behind is sales in bookstores, and Smashwords hasn't sold a single book so far. I think it comes down to brand recognition -- Amazon has been around much longer than Smashwords, it's directly connected to the Kindle, and Smashwords is more of a distributor.
I don't have anything for sale on SW, but I did up a little chart for January to show how sales are distributed across the varies channels.

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I'm only really on Amazon, so I thought I would make a pie chart of sales distribution between the various regions for January. It's a really boring pie chart.

The fact you can even see France on there is kind of shocking to me.
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Any pie chart that isn't made with actual pie is usually kind of boring, but I think your chart is interesting!
I have a short stand-alone that sells:

Amazon: 20/day
Kobo: 2/day
B&N: 2/week
Dig in!

(You knew someone was going to do it ;) )
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B&N has been very good to me this month. I attribute it to having my free book promoted on BookBub in Dec. If you click Nook Books and search free, it's been on the first page every since that promo. Sales for the rest of the series have been strong ever since.
Pie charts boring? Never!

*Swoon* I'm a little bit in love with you both, Monique and Sara. I'm a barchart gal myself, but flash a nice pair of pies like that and my heart goes pit-a-pat.
Saul Tanpepper said:
Dig in!

(You knew someone was going to do it ;) )
Can I have more of the B&N please? :)
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