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Create Space Author Featured on Daily Show

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I did a search for this topic and found others, but not this. If I am incorrect and there is a thread on this already, I apologize.

On the June 20th, 2011 episode of Daily Show, Create Space author Ray Nagin (former Mayor of New Orleans), was featured for his Create Space book, "Katrina's Secret."

I thought it to be evidentiary of the rising validity of self-publishing through Amazon (and others, of course) and thus thought people here might appreciate it.

To view, follow this link ( and skip directly to the third commercial marker at 14:34.
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Definitely nice that a self-published book can be featured on a major TV show, but he already had a name and a platform.
Oh, I realized that.  In some ways, I think that adds to the validity of it.  Especially since he's not some vastly popular fiction writer who just did the switch to self-publishing in order to take home more of the profits generated from his creations.  I'm sure that factored into his decision, but he explained other reasons when Jon Stewart asked why he chose Create Space over a traditional publisher.  Namely, that he wanted to retain control over his work.  Apparently, he didn't want to make the changes that were suggested to him (like, emphasize this portion for sensationalism or de-emphasize that to avoid offending or some such -- I'm paraphrasing and then some).

Regardless, I found it interesting and hopeful.  Moments like these can potentially bring legitimacy to the self-publishing industry in the eyes and minds of readers.

Thank you for commenting.  :D
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Oh, definitely. His comments were great, and hopefully will add some legitimacy to self-publishing. I was just pointing out that he probably wouldn't have gotten on in the first place if he didn't already have a platform. But I'm glad to see he talked openly about self-publishing on the show. Pretty cool!
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