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July 2020 Edit:

This thread originally introduced the Author Signature Tool, one of the neat software add-ons created by KBoards' original owner, Harvey Chute. The forum passed on to other ownership some time ago, and many of Harvey's tools now seem to be failing -- I'm guessing because Amazon has made upgrades to its databases, and Harvey's not here to adjust his tools to the new status quo.

In April 2020, I wrote some BBC code authors could use to create book-cover signatures by hand and appended it to the bottom of this post, but having Harvey's description of the Author Signature Tool at the top seems to be sending people in that direction, much to their frustration. Thus, with sadness, I've moved my hand-coding directions to the top and pushed Harvey's description of the now-broken tool down to the bottom. I've also changed the title of the thread to downplay the Author Signature Tool. Please note that the Link-Maker, another Harvey tool, also seems to be broken.

Becca (moderator)


April 2020 Edit:

Since this thread was started in 2013, the forum has passed new ownership. Some of the tools Harvey (who was a genius techie) added to the software are starting not to work so well. If you can't get the above-described tool to work, here's a by-hand replacement. It's bbc code for a basic table that pulls book-page links and book images from Amazon, sizes them reasonably, and lines them up for display in the signature area:



The above code creates this:

To use this code, every author would need to replace the ASINs (Amazon product numbers) with those of their own books and then get a link for each book cover, either directly from Amazon (on the book page, right-click/Mac equivalent on the book's cover and choose "open image in a new tab"; copy URL for that new tab) or from somewhere else on the web. Then you copy the whole finished table into the signature box on your Forum Profile page. Hope that helps!

P.S. If you want to display more than three books, just copy and paste as many [nobbc][td][/td][/nobbc] sets as you need, filling each one in with a different book. If you add too many, your signature may wrap and become too "tall," so it's probably best to limit it to eight to ten books.


July 2020 Edit: If you're totally new to signature creation, these introductory directions with point you in the right direction:

Using the pull-down menus above the forum threads, navigate My KBoards > Profile > Forum Profile.

The profile modification screen looks like this:

Paste your signature code in the field I've circled in red, then click the button under the red arrow. Once you click, you will be able to see how your signature will look in the area under the blue arrow. Keep monkeying with the code until you get the look you want.

Harvey's original post appears below. I've struck it through to make clear that his directions are no longer applicable.


Many of you use our Author Sig tool at to update your forum signatures. (Did you know that visitors to KBoards buy about one thousand ebooks a week from author signatures?)

You fill out a simple form, and it generates the signature and adds it to your KBoards profile.

Try it out!


Please reply in this thread with any feedback. Thanks!

- Harvey and your forum moderators


Update April 2014:

We've made some changes that we hope you find useful:

- We've cleaned up the screen design and made it more intuitive to use than the previous version.

- Your signature info can now be saved, to make future updates easier -- e.g. when you want to add a newly-published book to your sig.

- The generated bbcode can now be saved directly to your KBoards forum profile. It saves a step -- no more need to open up your profile page and update your sig there manually.

- The generated bbcode is still available for you to copy/paste if you wish... for example, into your signature areas on other forums (if allowed there).

- You can now have up to 9 book covers displayed.

- Text links to your pages are more flexible: you can set your own labels for links, rather than be constrained to our previous choices of blog / facebook / google+ / etc. Up to 10 links can be defined.

- We've added a "pushdown" button so that the list of books can be bubbled down one notch, to make it easier to add a new book.

- We also fixed a bug that made use of single quotes and double quotes problematic.

- In order to attach the saved data to a particular member, the screen now requires that you be logged in to KBoards.

Try it out!

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Caitie Quinn said:
Neat! (yes, I just said that un-ironically)

Harvey, you've been new toy crazy lately ;)

How many characters is the "short message" field?

I'll take 'neat' even if it is ironic. :) The Short Message field has a 100-character max.

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Some of y'all have more complicated sigs or established sigs and may not need the tool.  But for those who don't you can use the tool as a starting point and then further edit it.

For example, the "short message" basically allows for a line of text that will extend across the width of the max number of cover images; I'm not sure how many characters that is--Harvey will chip in, I'm sure.  But, if you don't want to have the author name - website - blog - facebook - twitter stuff, you could edit your signature after pasting it into your profile to include more text.

All our regular sig rules apply, of course.  140x800 pixels max width, single row of images 125 pixels high, two lines total of text above or below the images.  (Those of you who exceed these, I'll be chatting with you.  Eventually.  ;))


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Harvey, you are a lovely person. I have SO been dreading trying to add my new novel to my sig.  :p
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