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Creating audiobooks using Machine Learning - any experience?

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I'm hearing of ways to create audiobooks using machine learning. A quick google revelas two standout services - and I'd be very interested in knowing if anyone used them and what was the experience? What did the final product sound like?
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Two one I found - - would be great to hear if anyone used these services or do you feel professional voice artists is the way to go?
Audible does not allow audiobooks that are not narrated by a human. I don't know the rules for the other services, but Audible is by far the largest one.
Ah, thanks for that...did not know that...there goes my plans to make millions :)
While we're on the topic, what do most people do to create audiobooks from existing books? Partner with voice artists and split royalties?
probably but you lose a lot of money splitting royalties if it's a good-selling audiobook

advise you to pay the narrator upfront for production & keep all the royalties for yourself

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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