This crossword-style game is clueless... and we mean that in a very good way! Crossword Cryptogram is an engaging app that you will find invigorating and, at its higher levels, challenging even to us word-lovers! Available now for just $0.99.

The game combines elements of a crossword puzzle and a cryptogram. The crossword has no clues, but certain letters are displayed. You guess at the other letters until you've completed the crossword.

There are three difficulty modes, with the easiest mode exposing most of the correct letters. The Medium and Hard modes expose a smaller number of correct levels. As you play, the percentage of exposed tiles gradually diminishes, so the game gets increasingly difficult in small increments as you work through a particular difficulty level. In the hardest mode, the portion of exposed letters drops from 25% of the letters down to zero. That's tough!

Each play offers up to five hints, indicating when a letter has been incorrectly placed.

As with other apps from Bullbitz, the gameplay is well-designed and intuitive. Impressions from my twin teenage daughters (both word-nerds):
  • "It's cool that when you click on a tile, all of the other tiles with the same letter are highlighted. That helps to solve the puzzle."
  • "It's pretty self-explanatory, it didn't take long to get right into the game."
  • "The hints tell you whether everything you have entered is correct; I wish it had a hint option where it gave you the correct letter."
  • "The hard mode was definitely more challenging, but is solvable and not too frustrating."
  • "Most of the vocabulary was known to us, but be aware that the game also uses abbreviations and proper nouns, like people's names."
  • "We'd recommend this to our friends!"
Click on the screenshots below for larger views of the gameplay.

We know many of our readers love word games, and for all of you, Crossword Cryptogram is a fine addition to your Kindle Fire apps collection. We tested this game successfully on our Kindle Fire HD, and on our Kindle Fire (non-HD).

"A fun and challenging twist on a crossword puzzle. Interface is clean and easy to use, and the different difficulties mean it'll keep me entertained for quite awhile." -- Amazon reviewer

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