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Custom ebook Cover Art Starting at $75.00 Pre-Made Covers starting at $50.00

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New Look and New website is up and running. Head on over and check us out.

At CC's Designs we really enjoy working with authors in order to bring their work to life. Your book cover is the first introduction your reader has to your work, and it should stand out from the rest. Judging a book by it's cover is exactly what you need in todays market. Please take a look at some of the examples of our ebook covers by clicking on the links below. We'd be delighted to hear from you.

We really enjoy creating cover art, and specialize in custom cover art, that will make your cover stand out and be noticed. Covers start at $75.00 - $150.00 (plus cost of any photos), depending on the number of stock images used.

We are also proud to announce our PRE MADE Cover section. You can check them out by going

For information regarding contacting us CLICK [URL=][/url]

Our published book covers are on our link page found [URL=][/url]

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask below or shoot me an email at [email protected] I'll be happy to help you.
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Hi, Carol. I'm pleased to see you here!

Carol has kindly created a lot of covers for me, including the entire Dominance series. (She did the Supplicant and Hot Lover covers in my sig line.) She also did the banner for my Gem Frost website. She's awesome-- friendly and very professional to work with. And her covers are awesome, too. :)
Check out our NEW Pre-Made cover section above. We've added a variety of covers that will fit every writers needs.
Check out this months featured cover: We're happy to promote our clients and give them the exposure they deserve.

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Those are very nice covers! Got ya bookmarked
Hi Jane Thank you!
The next five emails I receive at [email protected] with an interest in having a cover done will receive 10% off the total cost of the cover. It can be for an ebook already in progress or one that will be completed in the near future!

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Clements said:
Hiya. Just to say I thought pre-mades starting from $25 seemed like a good thing to check out, but there aren't any at that price on your website!
Hey there! Thank you so much for letting me know. There should have been three covers at 25.00. My web designer (me) totally messed that up! I'm changing the type now and docking my web designers pay! Thank you for letting me know I really appreciate it. That was really nice of you.

Stella Wilkinson said:
Great, I just checked back and none as yet (unless you sold them already?) Could you update here when you've added them as I thought your style was excellent and would like to see what you get for $25?
Hi there
Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. They are up there now. Premade cover section. The romance country cover, the fantasy Romance, and the Haunted house cover. If you are interested in a specific one email me at loracea @
Check out this months featured cover by Gem Frost:

We're happy to promote our clients and give them the exposure they deserve.
Don't forget to stop by and check out what we can do for your ebook cover. We are always happy to work with our authors to be sure they are totally happy when they display our work.
Come on over and check out our site. Lots of changes in the near future.

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New Look New Website. Stop on over and check us out.
Carol just did a new one for me, and she was very prompt and responsive. You can see some of the other covers she's done for me in my sig line-- Gambit, Illumination, Shattered, Checkmated, and Hot Lover are all her work.
My name is Carol Fiorillo, and I am a cover artist specializing in ebooks and print covers. If you are looking for an artist to work on one of your future books please take a look at my website by clicking the links above in the main post.

Once you have had a chance to look around if you think there is any special vision I can bring to one of your books please contact me at [email protected], and I would be happy to bring your cover vision to life.

 photo 1-Premade_MALEROMANCEcopy5_zps15d4a0d3.jpg  photo 1-Premade_MALEROMANCEcopy3_zps0c8677b5.jpg  photo 1-Premade_MALEROMANCEcopy2_zpsfc8595e0.jpg

 photo Cowboy_Romance_zps6a40a71c.jpg  photo Murder_premade_zps7a32c348.jpg  photo 1-Premade_MALEROMANCE_zps46d47bdb.jpg
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