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In these crazy times, we could all do with a little guidance. How does a balm for your soul, soothing and fragrant, applied daily, grab you? Have you ever smothered your chapped lips in petroleum-jelly, and pondered upon the whimsical notion, 'Oh, if only there were a mystical balm that I could apply, to soothe my chapped soul!'? :-*
The Daleks are invading - run for your lives!
The voices of public library turkeymonkeys will inspire you!
"Theoretically, I have designed a black hole star ship, to enable travel through a black hole. Even more thrillingly, I have refactored my blueprint for an artificial black hole. Affirmative!"
Perry Pedestrian, trying to impress his pretty female colleague, during an extremely long McDonald's shift."
"Hiya! I am merely another sentient being that occupies your body!
Yes, I am the annoying little itch on your nose, your back, your testicles, your breasts. I will presume that I am addressing the so-called head honcho - yes, the brain - the entity that believes itself to be in charge of the whole shebang."
"Health is wealth; but that syphilis-infested king is having a better time than me."
"Don't take your donkey dancing with squirrels."
I offer you a daily dose of insanity to keep you sane! Woot, woot!
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