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New from ReAnimus Press: HELL'S PAVEMENT by Damon Knight

ReAnimus Press Store: (available in both ebook and paperback)
Amazon: Hell's Pavement

Republishing all of SFWA Grandmaster Damon Knight's books, in conjunction with the author's family - see all of Damon Knight's books from ReAnimus Press!

Anti-social behavior is "cured"? by giving everyone an "analogue", a mental imprint of an authority figure that intervenes whenever violent or otherwise harmful acts are contemplated.

What could be more perfect? Twenty-first century civilization has no war, no anxiety, no poverty. Why? Because you have a remote-control, computer conscience, keeping you on the straight and narrow. There's one small catch, of course: you have no choice. You are a prisoner of mental manipulation.

Young Arthur Bass is an Immune, one of the few who has escaped this stifling control. But when his "subversive" nature is discovered, he must flee or be annihilated. As an underground wanderer and explorer, he meets brilliant and beautiful Annie Silvers. Together, they become rebels determined to rescue human beings from the robot state. But being a rebel is the most dangerous profession of all.

"One of the most perceptive, fascinating, and delightfully horrible Utopias I've ever read."
--Robert A. W. Lowndes

"There's a voice in your brain...but its not yours! Nerve-shattering...a chase sequence on a par with the best of Hitchcock"
--The New York Times

Lots more new books from ReAnimus Press - see the list at
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