This full-length fantasy is a wonderful introduction to a promising new series from author A. Evermore. Read on!

Dark Moon Rising (The Prophecies of Zanufey Book 1), by A. Evermore
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407 pages, with a 5.0-star rating from 3 reviews

"Deep, moving, a great read! The cover caught my eye to begin with, and I was soon drawn into the writer's fantastic magical world. So much fantasy seems to be dark and depressing these days, with characters lacking any honour or redeeming features, but in this book the hero and heroine are more like those of old - something you can admire and look up to." -- Amazon reviewer
The long awaited Dark Moon Rising is a gripping tale filled with dragons, magic, wizards, sword and sorcery as we follow the coming of age of the heroine, Issa, on her treacherous epic fantasy adventure towards her destiny - becoming the mighty Raven Queen of prophecy.

The future is dark; no Seer or Wizard can see into it, no prophecy speaks of a time past it. The fate of the world hangs between the darkness and the light…

When Baelthrom came, darkness fell upon Maioria. One by one entire nations fall as his horde of undead immortals scourge the land. The living magic of the world is dying and the people have given up hope.

But the Dark Moon of Zanufey is rising and what was written eons ago is now being set in motion. The raven searches for the one of prophecy and the Immortal Lord hunts her. Can Issa, a naïve young woman, survive long enough to hear the call of the Goddess? Can Asaph, last of the mighty Dragon Lords and heir to the throne of Drax, reach her before she perishes in the Shadowlands?

All of Maioria is lost unless Issa survives to become the greatest warrior the world has ever known; she must become the Raven Queen of prophecy.

Here is a tale of benevolent Goddesses and fallen Dark Lords, Dragons and Dragon Lords, Witches and Wizards, forgotten Kings and Raven Queen's.

Dark Moon Rising is the first volume in a stunning new epic fantasy series brimming with magic, adventure and the ultimate triumphs and tragedies of the human spirit.

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Meet the Author

A. Evermore is the author of The Prophecies of Zanufey fantasy series. After finally deciding to follow her long held desire to write fantasy novels she spent many years learning the secrets of the writing craft. In that time The Prophecies of Zanufey were lovingly created and Dark Moon Rising birthed into existence. Now the second book in the series, The Fall of Celene, comes into the light.

Dark Moon Rising, originally intended to be a single novel, is the first book of a fabulously refreshing six book epic fantasy series. The Fall of Celene continues to follow the adventures of the heroine, Issa, and her friends and enemies upon the magical world of Maioria.

A. Evermore, from Somerset, England, has been long-term travelling from her home country since 2011. When not deep into her writing and exploring the otherworldly magical lands of Maioria, she has spent much time living in and exploring Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, the USA, Canada, and finally Andorra, Europe, where she currently resides. Aside from writing fantasy novels she spends time working, feeding wild birds, talking to trees, swimming, cycling, skiing and meditating.

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