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David Dalglish talks about his traditional deals (Kb's favorite ginger)

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Congratulations on his Orbit and 47North deals.
Then what not to do...

Learn from half orc.
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Congrats David!  Great article too.  Thanks for sharing.  8)
That bit about the first deal he signed...jebuz. Glad things seem to have righted for him.

I've been reading David for a while, and what he's built is awesome. That was also a great interview.

Thanks for the link.
Lisa, thanks for the link. Very interesting interview.
Awesome. Thanks for linking that.
Very interesting read. Pretty horrific story about that initial agency bind he got into. Thanks for posting.
Great interview. I'm so glad you were able to buy out of your old contract. A hard lesson to learn I'm sure, but one that's already paid off for you big time. CONGRATS!
Just put this on a Facebook thread in which a frustrated children's author couldn't find a trad publisher and others were trying to talk her out of "vanity" publishing. Great timing. And congratulations, David!
Great interview! I love that it turned so well. Thanks for sharing.  =) 
It's a great interview and it takes guts to look back and discuss honestly and graciously about your mistakes.  I am very happy for David's success.
I'm so happy things are working out for David. He was one of my first "forum friends" here on KB and I bought one of his books. Not my cup of tea, but David sure can tell a story and he sure can write. He's long overdue for this kind of success and I sincerely hope it continues.
A good cautionary tale for the rest of us in there, too. Get some good legal advice before signing any contracts. Seriously.
KevinMcLaughlin said:
A good cautionary tale for the rest of us in there, too. Get some good legal advice before signing any contracts. Seriously.
You can't say this enough. When my movie contract came, I assumed some things meant one thing, when they actually meant almost the complete opposite. Thank God I had a lawyer who had already closed 36 book to movie options. She really did a great job for me.
David is a class act and deserves every bit of his success--he also knows how to take some major ribbing, as many of us will recall.

David's books are generally in the 5-25k sales rank. Good, but not absolutely outstanding. The thing I think to learn from him is to keep writing good books. He's so flipping prolific it makes me sick!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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