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From this nifty interview (emphasis mine): :)

What about reviews? When you act, you're part of a team; you can hide. But as a writer, your name's the only one on the jacket.

I don't read any reviews of anything I do. I haven't for 10 years, and it has made life a lot better. So much criticism today is snarky and ad hominem. I'm of the school that says: judge the work, not who did it. It's hard for actors; it's their body and face they're using. As a writer it should be easier, but I don't think it is. I didn't want to use a pseudonym: I want people to read the book, so why not use whatever celebrity I have to bring attention to it? But reading reviews is like finding your beloved's journal: the only reason you're going to open it is because you want to hurt yourself.

Reviews can be helpful sometimes.

A lot of readers don't seem to understand they can email the author and use the review section to ask questions and offer feedback.

You have to be careful about the ones who are too negative as that can get you down.
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