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Dawn of Destiny (Epic Book 1), by Lee Stephen
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312 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 323 reviews

"The book is a thrilling read, pushing the reader through a gamut of emotions: on the edge anticipation, terrifying alien encounters, and moments of fist pumping elation. At the climax of the story, the action brought the reviewer to head to toe chills. The characters are so well drawn, the dialogue so authentic, one instantly relates to the heroes of the story and finds a favorite to root for easily. The action in the story is equiavalent to watching a favorite sport, moments of victory feel like having your team score or seeing a knockout." -- Amazon reviewer
Winner of New Apple's BEST NEW FICTION and AUDIOBOOK OF THE YEAR (audiobook available at ).

You're tired of it, aren't you? Of gimmicks, of fluff, of predictability. If you've read one book today, you've read them all. But you haven't read this.

There's no glitz and glamor here--no trendy hype machine. There's only a promise: Epic is the deepest, most gripping, most adrenaline-fueled series you've ever experienced. Leave your sense of tranquility at the door. This runs on 94 octane.

Dawn of Destiny kicks off the story of Scott Remington, a young man following a calling to war. Sacrificing a promising life that could've been, he embarks on a journey to follow his destiny and make a difference regardless of where it takes him. It's a story of perseverance amidst trials and tribulations--a journey of faith into the fog of war. This is high-action and intensity wrapped up in the reality of the human experience. It's the introduction to an epic.

Load your assault're about to drop into a hot zone.

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