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Hello from Temple, Ga.

I have a Kindle, a pretty old one, given to me by my son. It died. Screen first then the rest.

I can plug it into my computer and see all of the content, but it won't turn on.

My daughter gave me a new one, to use on my new, longer commute, that can read to me. But when I go to Amazon there's only 12 books showing of the dozens that I have on my old unit. Why doesn't Amazon have all my books? Is there anything that I can do to recover my content from the dead Kindle?

Thanks in advance for any assistance, or, for taking time to even read this.

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Note that, on your new device, it probably defaults to only showing 'downloaded' content vs 'all'. If you're looking on your device, this might be the issue.

But you mention "when I go to Amazon" which might mean you're looking at it from your computer. So there are a couple of things to know:

If you bought the books from Amazon, they should all be available on any kindle registered to the account. So it's possible the two devices are NOT both registered to the same account. A given device can only be registered to one account at a time. Check that by going to your account and make sure they both show under Devices.

If you loaded books onto the old one by USB -- maybe items acquired other than via Amazon -- those are NOT going to show in your Amazon library. They don't know about them, unless you sent them wirelessly through their system. For example, if I have a compatible file I get from somewhere else, I can send it via email or send-to-kindle and it'll show on Amazon as a 'document'. But if I just plug it into the computer and drag and drop, it will not.

Which leads to: on the Content and Devices page at Amazon, be sure you check the sorting. Default when you log in is to show Books and All. If a lot of your content is personal stuff you sent through, it will be under Documents -- so try switching that filter and see if you see them. (On the device you may also have the filter set to 'books' which, similarly, will NOT show any personally loaded content. That should be obvious because you'd see, when you go to your library, a line right at the top that says "Showing: Books". Click the x to remove and it should then show all content.)

If you are sure you acquired them from Amazon AND the new device is registered to the same account as the old device through which you had purchased content, BUT Amazon purchased content is NOT showing, you will have to contact Amazon.

As to getting the content off the old one -- if you can see it when connected via USB, you can copy and paste it to your personal computer, but the files may not be readable without you putting them through a program to remove and DRM. I don't know enough about that process to have a clue whether that makes sense to try.

To try to resurrect the device, I guess I'd plug it in for a good long time and then try a restart -- press and hold the power button for 40 seconds or more. See if you can get it to boot. If the battery just will NOT take a charge, you could try replacing it. You can find compatible batteries to do it yourself via (other places, too, I'm sure, but that's one that I've heard of from folks here that is good -- they send the new battery, the small tools needed, and a how-to video.) Or you may be able to find a "UbreakIfix" store or something similar who's business model is fixing folks broken tech. :)

Those are my best suggestions without being able to see exactly what you're seeing. Hope it helps!
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