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koolmnbv said:
Has anyone saw the first episode of season 2 yet? I basically have to tell myself this is an entirely different show and not related to the books other than a few similaritys because so many things are so different now and It is hard for me to keep comparing the two. It ends up making me so frustrated.

Also does anyone else LOVE the TB Terry and Lafayette? They are so weird and fun. I really like their characters on TB.
I agree with you that it is difficult to watch the shows after reading the books. I have no idea why it bothers me so much. I've seen tons of movies that are based on books I've read and it doesn't bother me. Maybe because it is a series and going into such detail...?

BUT - my husband loves the series and has watched every episode numerous times. So funny. At first he was like: what kind of books have you been reading? Then he got hooked and now he loves to talk about it.

:) I am definitely looking forward to more books by Charlaine Harris!!

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