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(Sorry, missed the beginning as I decided to do this part way in and had to figure it out. Note that I was copying and pasting and there may be duplicated portions of chat; I tried to eliminate them but may have missed some sections. I also missed a piece at the end as I was enthralled with what I was reading. ::) Most of it is here, though. Some spelling errors have been corrected to improve readability.-Betsy)

[Chat started with some questions from club leader Robin about character of Sookie.]

[Vegas_Asian] I think her [Sookie's] innocence allows a lot of room to grow
[robin.goodfellow] she does indeed, chobitz. do you think that helps or hurts her relationships?
[robin.goodfellow] indeed, va. how do you see her growing?
[robin.goodfellow] jah?
[Vegas_Asian] !
[chobitz] yes even with her brother...not just romantic
[robin.goodfellow] va?
chobitz appologizes for typos
[robin.goodfellow] (no problem. the grammar nazis aren't here. and we won't tell)
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[robin.goodfellow] howdy!
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[robin.goodfellow] we're discussing the sookie character, luv
[MAGreen] hi luv
[jah] hi
[luvmy4brats] Hi there!
[MAGreen] hi dwa
[chobitz] hiya
[robin.goodfellow] howdy, dwaszak! we're discussing sookie
[Vegas_Asian] I think that her being innocent allows her readers to better relate to her becuase in a way they are innocent to this book's world.
[Vegas_Asian] hi luv
[robin.goodfellow] (if you have a comment, !. if you have a questions ?)
[chobitz] ooh good point va
[dwaszak] great I found y'all
[robin.goodfellow] true enough, va
[robin.goodfellow] welcome!
[robin.goodfellow] how about the other characters?
[robin.goodfellow] sam?
[robin.goodfellow] jason?
[robin.goodfellow] arlene?
[robin.goodfellow] sam?
[robin.goodfellow] (i really like sam. wish he was my boss!)
[chobitz] !
[Vegas_Asian] I wish that too
[robin.goodfellow] andy the detective?
[robin.goodfellow] chobitz
[Angel91805] I still think sam has a darker secret...
[robin.goodfellow] lol, indeed, angel? good, or bad?
[chobitz] Sam is ok..a little eager
[dwaszak] Jason, sookies alter ego
[MAGreen] !
[Angel91805] don't know, Sookie makes a comment about him not being human either
[robin.goodfellow] MAGreen?
[robin.goodfellow] jason represents all the sins that sookie is afraid to committ, maybe?
[dwaszak] sam-early on gives a foundation for sookies thoughts and feelings
[MAGreen] that's what I was going to say...Jason is like her dark side...
[robin.goodfellow] how so?
[robin.goodfellow] i mean, how so, dwaszak?
[Ann Von Hagel] !
[chobitz] !
[robin.goodfellow] ann
[MAGreen] still good, but not so innocent, or maybe not so good, don't know yet
[dwaszak] I like that thought about jason
[robin.goodfellow] chobitz
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[chobitz] About the foundation..i see him more like a springboard
[Vegas_Asian] hi duncan's mom
[jah] hi
[chobitz] she throws ideas his way
[robin.goodfellow] ah, good observation
[Duncan's Mom] Hello!
[robin.goodfellow] howdy!
[Ann Von Hagel] I don't think he's her dark side so much as he's kinda what she wishes she could be. But with her gift/disability she can't do many of the things he does. . . .it's not that she is afraid to 'commit sins' just that it's too hard to do anything normal.
[robin.goodfellow] we're discussing sookie's friends and family
[dwaszak] he is definitely her dark side- unencumbered, uncivilized, uneducated
[robin.goodfellow] true enough, ann
[Ann Von Hagel] that's why she's drawn to Bill. . .he's different too, but makes her difference immaterial
[robin.goodfellow] ah, but he had 2 years of college, dwaszak
[Angel91805] the "good ol' boy" character is how I see him
[robin.goodfellow] before he got the job with the state.
[dwaszak] he is her alter ego
[robin.goodfellow] what about Granny?
[chobitz] !
[robin.goodfellow] chobitz
[chobitz] Granny is how i picture sookie at that age
[robin.goodfellow] lol, i like that idea
[dwaszak] she is the gentile south, he is the red neck southern boy who gets all he wants
[Angel91805] exactly dwaszak!
[robin.goodfellow] anything else on sookie?
[chobitz] !
[robin.goodfellow] chobitz
[chobitz] sorry it was a comment on jason
[robin.goodfellow] i like how she stores up stuff to think about later
[dwaszak] granny is the tough gentile southern women who made it through the wars and stood strong
[robin.goodfellow] (that's okay. hit us with a jason comment)

[chobitz] down here a lot of guys feel they have no choice with how to act
[chobitz] they HAVE to act like a good ole boy or suffer
[robin.goodfellow] fair enough. are you referring to how sookie describes jason after her fight with the rats?
[robin.goodfellow] that sookie comments he loves a good fight, and was more mad that he missed one than that sookie might have been in danger?
[chobitz] yes...i think its not that he was as much as he s so use to acting the redneck he became it
[robin.goodfellow] good point.
[chobitz] after all granny raised them both
[robin.goodfellow] i also really love, better than anything else in this part,
[robin.goodfellow] how excited Granny gets at the prospect of talking to a Civil War veteran
[dwaszak] I think it is Sookies view of Jason throughout the series
[MAGreen] !
[robin.goodfellow] i thought it was a very sweet touch on the part of the author
[robin.goodfellow] MAGreen?
[MAGreen] granny's the past, home, safety love
[MAGreen] she a sweet batty ole thing that takes everything in stride
[robin.goodfellow] very true. a port in sookie's stormy life? remember, she lost her parents at a young age
[chobitz] !
[Vegas_Asian] !
[robin.goodfellow] i don't think she's nearly as batty as she lets on. older women seldom are
[robin.goodfellow] chobitz?
[robin.goodfellow] va?
[Vegas_Asian] void..mine...that's later in the book
[chobitz] but is granny really batty or just acting it
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[robin.goodfellow] rofl
[MAGreen] and loves Sookie and Jason no matter what
[robin.goodfellow] she does that


[robin.goodfellow] into society, chobitz?
[jah] bill seem old world at times
[dwaszak] he's not like the group who shows up at his house or like eric he feels for sookie
[Duncan's Mom] Yes definitely. Although they are incredibly creepy, I found it funny to have a tatto'ed vampire.
[chobitz] yes it almost parallels the civil rights movement
[Vegas_Asian] !
[robin.goodfellow] (there's no such person as eric yet, dwaszak. good things come to those who wait)
[robin.goodfellow] va?
[dwaszak] sorry!!!!!!
[MAGreen] !
[robin.goodfellow] what did you think of bill's commentary on sookie's attire?
[robin.goodfellow] MAGreen?
[Vegas_Asian] I think that LMD have allowed their primial (sp?) to take control thus their focus on food and sex
[jah] converted/old world
[robin.goodfellow] good point
[Duncan's Mom] !
[robin.goodfellow] duncan's mom?
[Ann Von Hagel] I think LMD figure 'eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we'll never die". . .so why bother trying to be nice. . .no incentive.
[MAGreen] The "good vamp" is by far not a new concept, nor is the old world feel to him, but keeping him a "real vamp" like pointing out that he does kill, is kind of different
[chobitz] !
[robin.goodfellow] right. and the world is there buffet, right ann?
[robin.goodfellow] chobitz?
[Duncan's Mom] He must also struggle a lot with the less traditional vampires.
[MAGreen] usually the good vamp is fighting his violent non human ways
[dwaszak] a good development. he's definitely from another era
[chobitz] I'm thinking harris wanted to show the 'old school' vamps of ldm so you can compare her version of vamps
[Ann Von Hagel] ?
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[robin.goodfellow] ann?
[robin.goodfellow] hi vicki!
[Vicki] Hi!
[dwaszak] he still relishes the old ways to a point
[jah] hi vicki
[Ann Von Hagel] is there a quick explanation you can give without spoiling it about how the vampires came to be
[Ann Von Hagel] i didn't quite get that bit. . . . .
[chobitz] old fashioned way ann
[Angel91805] then why do they call it a "virus"??
[Ann Von Hagel] there was some talk of a virus or something. . . .
[robin.goodfellow] ah, the story we've been told so far is that vamps all over the world "came out of the coffin" one night
[dwaszak] in the first book they say its a "virus"
[robin.goodfellow] and the story they're trying to sell is that vampirism is caused by a virus
[Angel91805] ah, so the human populace won't wig out
[robin.goodfellow] that makes the victim appear dead for about three days, and then
[robin.goodfellow] (this is the best part)
[chobitz] emphasis on STORY
[dwaszak] yeah, but they allude to other causes
[robin.goodfellow] exhibit real allergies sunlight. silver. garlic
[robin.goodfellow] but they're perfectly normal, and should be accepted as any other part of society
[robin.goodfellow] i guess a little like being gay (which i'm not implying is a virus), or lactose intolerant or a non-smoker or something
[Angel91805] (stepping out to wash colorant from my hair, be back soon!)
[MAGreen] not soulless demon spawn from he**!
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[robin.goodfellow] so, do you think bill's culture is working against him?
[robin.goodfellow] exactly, MAGreen
chobitz sits on hands
[robin.goodfellow] since bill is from a far different era, and he's trying to become a mainstream vampire, how do you see things working for him in Bon Temps?
[Vegas_Asian] Its a means to sight a source of their difference beyond the religious associations
[robin.goodfellow] rofl @ chobitz
[Ann Von Hagel] it's hard to be accepted when you are SOOOOOO different. . . . .the whole book is really a commentary on society. . .why are we reading something so deep and meaningful.
[Duncan's Mom] !
[MAGreen] lmao
[robin.goodfellow] we're all very deep thinkers ann
[robin.goodfellow] deep in something, anyway

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