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[robin.goodfellow] duncan's mom?
[dwaszak] I like how ch makes sookie different as a human and bill as a vampire
[Duncan's Mom] I'm also wondering about the fact that it's such a small town. People seem to want to get out (especially the women), maybe it wouldn't be so hard for him in a large city.
[robin.goodfellow] like sookie doesn't quite fit in either place, dwaszak? and bill doesn't quite fit in?
[robin.goodfellow] do you think that would have an impact on his ability to mainstream, duncan's mom?
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[robin.goodfellow] living in a large city, i mean?
[robin.goodfellow] hi sebat!
[MAGreen] hi sebat
[dwaszak] neither fit in completely, but they make the town complete
[Vegas_Asian] hi sebat
[jah] hi sebat
[MAGreen] every town needs its misfits to pick on?
[robin.goodfellow] that's a good point, MAGreen. what do you think about the murders?
[Ann Von Hagel] sookie is 'crazy sookie' to the town folks but it's like when you call your brother names: that's o.k. but nobody else better do it. . .they are totally in her court
[dwaszak] NO, but every small town has its locals
[Duncan's Mom] I don't think he would stand out so much if he wasn't in a small town. I think a larger town would be easier to mainstream in.
[MAGreen] I like what ann said
[robin.goodfellow] you don't think vamps like dianne would try to draw him in to a pack mentality?
[dwaszak] I think that is where ch makes this series so good
[robin.goodfellow] What do you think about the town's reaction to the murders?
[Ann Von Hagel] he's in a small town because he doesn't wnat to get caught up in the vampire culture of a city
[robin.goodfellow] Maudette Pickens and Dawn Green?
[Duncan's Mom] I think he's too classy so I don't think Dianne would have any affect.
[dwaszak] they would, but then the series would be shallow
[Ann Von Hagel] he didn't kill them. . .but someone wants people to think he did. . .sabotaging his attempt at fitting in.
[jah] fear the town is in fear of the murder
[chobitz] !
[robin.goodfellow] how do you think Bon Temps views their personal preferences? Maudette and Dawn's. Not the monroe vamps
[Duncan's Mom] Definitely very exciting for a small town. Clearly it doesn't happen much with the cops focusing so much on doing the procedures correctly.
[robin.goodfellow] chobitz?
[chobitz] ok my MIL is from the town that bon temps is based on and I know it took alot for her to marry my FIL and leave her town
[robin.goodfellow] that wasn't the norm in bon temps?
[chobitz] people down here don't tend to leave their hometowns no matter how small
[jah] I agree with ann someone(s) does not want bill to fit in or to stay in town
[robin.goodfellow] true enough. heaven knows nobody's ever left the town i live in
[dwaszak] I think it's a portrayal of sookies's virtue vs the fangbangers
[Betsy the Quilter] my cousins are still in Hibbing
[robin.goodfellow] why would the citizens of bon temps not want a vampire? do you think the local law enforcement shares that idea?
[chobitz] you say it like being a fangbanger is so evil
[robin.goodfellow] rofl
[Duncan's Mom] I think they didn't like their personal preferences, but it was funny how many people slept with the two women.
[Ann Von Hagel] and, jah, it could be either a vampire or a human. . . .neither likes his "traitorism"
[robin.goodfellow] exactly, ann.
[jah] Ture Ann
[Ann Von Hagel] and people are not comfortable with what they don't understand. . . .
[jah] True Ann
[robin.goodfellow] that was a little funny, wasn't it, DM?
[chobitz] !
[robin.goodfellow] very true, ann
[robin.goodfellow] chobitz
[chobitz] also this is bible belt territory so religious believes play apart in their dislike
[chobitz] beliefs i mean
[robin.goodfellow] specifically, i believe sookie mentions that the catholic church preaches against vampires
[jah] had not thought of that Chobitz
[robin.goodfellow] in a state like louisiana, how do you suppose that affects the locals?
[robin.goodfellow] (louisiana being largely catholic, i mean.)
[chobitz] no that not true
[robin.goodfellow] it's not?
[robin.goodfellow] really?
[chobitz] north la is 90% baptist
[robin.goodfellow] no kidding.
[Vegas_Asian] They are a lot Bastist (sp?)
[chobitz] or at leasy 70%
[jah] put them agains the vampires
[robin.goodfellow] i have learned something tonight
[Vegas_Asian] (used to live near louisana)
[chobitz] least i mean
[Ann Von Hagel] i think it would actually be a little more accepted there since there is a culture in southern louisiana of . . .not vodoo, but kinda. . .can't think of the word. . . . .
[chobitz] SOUTH la is catholic
[robin.goodfellow] right, more occulty, maybe?
[robin.goodfellow] occult-y.
[chobitz] N la vs S La two different creatures
[robin.goodfellow] maybe more accepting of things outside the norm?
[Vegas_Asian] perhaps
[dwaszak] I think ch covers the other religions very well, the discretion is how people deal with vamps in day to day life
[chobitz] very robin
[robin.goodfellow] wow
[Betsy the Quilter]
[robin.goodfellow] thanks betsy!
[Vegas_Asian] *
[robin.goodfellow] so, having said all that, how do you think the town views sookie's blossoming relationship with bill?
[chobitz] robin a lot of gay teens tend to run away to New Orleans because its much more accepted down there
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[chobitz] sad but true
[robin.goodfellow] i think the number of catholic churches we saw during katrina led me to believe la was mostly catholic
[robin.goodfellow] hi efg!
[chobitz] new orleans IS mostley catholic
[Ann Von Hagel] that's new orleans. . . .settled by french missionaries originally
[efg] sorry I'm late!
[robin.goodfellow] specifically, in the scene outside the Rattrays trailer camp, what do you think of sookie's comments to bud dearborn?
[dwaszak] I think they are suspicious- that's why they are so adamant with dawns murdre
[robin.goodfellow] (no problem, we're glad you're here!
[robin.goodfellow] do you think the town is more worried for sookie? or afraid of bill?
[Ann Von Hagel] little of each. . . .sookie is 'theirs' and they don't know this bill guy. . .except they know he's different.
[efg] I think they are afraid of Sookie and Bill.
[robin.goodfellow] together?
[chobitz] !
[robin.goodfellow] chobitz
[chobitz] for sookie IMO
[Duncan's Mom] I think so. They don't understand either one of them, but it at least they "know" Sookie.
[efg] I meant each separately, but together too.
[chobitz] think of it we all grow up with the idea that vamps are evil..if they showed up tomorrow wouldn't you at first wonder?
[jah] I think there more afraid of bill
[MAGreen] !\
[robin.goodfellow] can you think of any positive aspects to having a vampire move to your small town?
[robin.goodfellow] MAGreen
[jah] because he new they known sookie
[Ann Von Hagel] I think they want to be politically correct and 'accept him' but they aren't sure about this whole vampire thing. . .
[MAGreen] I think it really depends on how they see Sookie...if she wan't anything more than"Crazy Sookie" she is more so now
[Ann Von Hagel] If he becomes accepted and he's strong enouhg he can kind of protect them from the baddies like M, L, & D
[MAGreen] but if they knew and loved her, like the regulars at the bar, they would be more willing to accept Bill
[Duncan's Mom] !
[robin.goodfellow] why do you think that sookie is "crazy sookie", but dawn and maudette aren't apparently nicknamed?
[robin.goodfellow] duncan's mom
[MAGreen] With the whole, "if you hurt her we'll kill you"
[Ann Von Hagel] they're probably slutty dawn and maudette.
[robin.goodfellow] good point
[Duncan's Mom] They only scary thing is one vampire may bring more like MLD.
[robin.goodfellow] lol, probably ann.
[Ann Von Hagel] they know sookie 'knows' things, but don't know how. . .; crazy is their word for it.
[robin.goodfellow] ah. so they might be worried that bill will bring down a reign of terror on bon temps?
[robin.goodfellow] that he might turn bon temps into the zip code equivalent of grabbit quik?
[MAGreen] Maudette seemed like a sad character, but Dawn was a freaky slut
[jah] they can't expain how she does what she does so she becomes crazy sookie
[robin.goodfellow] well put, MAgreen
[Duncan's Mom] Maybe not Bill, but his presence may draw less desirable vampires to the area.
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[dwaszak] they can't validate sookie, where the others are human responses
[jah] good point Duncan's mon
[MAGreen] I have to get to bed, thank you all and good night
[Vegas_Asian] night
[jah] night
[Duncan's Mom] Good night!
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[robin.goodfellow] good night!
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[robin.goodfellow] thanks for stopping in!
[robin.goodfellow] hi amy!
[Amy] aw darn i missed most of it!
[dwaszak] night all!!!
[jah] hi amy
[robin.goodfellow] that's okay, we'll probably get to do it again
[Amy] i forgot ;(


[Betsy the Quilter] oh, i planned to read it, a little behind in my reading
[robin.goodfellow] isn't that the truth?
[Betsy the Quilter] will catch up on the plane to san diego
[Amy] did any of you watch the hbo series
[Duncan's Mom] I was cramming before chat started.
[Betsy the Quilter] i did manage to work hibbing into the conversation
[Vegas_Asian] yes I did
[robin.goodfellow] i saw the first three or four episodes
[Ann Von Hagel] don't get Hbo
[robin.goodfellow] i preordered the dvd
[Amy] i loved it
[robin.goodfellow] my bffs have started referring to my boyfriend as jason
[Amy] but pictured eric much differently than he was cast
[robin.goodfellow] .....that's not his name
[Vegas_Asian] and read the other books so I have to be careful about what I mention...which accounts for my silence
[jah] no i did not atch the hbo series
[Betsy the Quilter] i loved the series
[robin.goodfellow] oh, we pictured eric EXACTLY like that
[robin.goodfellow] that's why chobitz split
[Vegas_Asian] I did too, but i still like the actor they chose
[efg] is watching the hbo series going to mess me up, since I haven't read all the books
[Amy] haha
[robin.goodfellow] she was literally sitting on her hand
[robin.goodfellow] it shouldn't, efg
[Betsy the Quilter] you're sooo bad
[Ann Von Hagel] I'm gonna bail, gals, gotta get up early to go to work. . . .later.
[Vegas_Asian] No
[robin.goodfellow] the series covers about the first book
[robin.goodfellow] bye ann!
[Amy] well, i just read the shower scene from book 4 last night
[Amy] WOA!
[Vegas_Asian] the first season is based off of the first book
[robin.goodfellow] TOTALLY!
[Amy] biting my tongue
[Duncan's Mom] Good night!
[robin.goodfellow] I look for eric every night driving home now.
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[robin.goodfellow] good night, dm!
[Amy] hahahaha
[robin.goodfellow] hope that a vampire who's lost his mind will be running towards my place
[robin.goodfellow] none so far, but you never know



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Look!  A bunny!

(Thanks Betsy!  This is great!  It's like I was there!)

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robin.goodfellow said:
Look! A bunny!

(Thanks Betsy! This is great! It's like I was there!)

I'm willing to do this every week (and better next week) with the caveat that I'll be in San Diego, where it is 3 hours earlier...meaning 6 PM. I may not be home every week. We'll need to have a volunteer to do it in case I'm not there. (It shouldn't be you, Robin, you're busy during the chat.) Basically I copy and paste periodically into a word document.

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