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I'm just replicating what Robin posted in her earlier thread with a summary of the dates in the subj line. We found this useful in the Outlander book klub.

robin.goodfellow said:
On your marks....

Get set....


If you haven't already finished them, please read chapters 1-3. I will post questions next Tuesday (the 27th), and we will attempt our first live book klub chat on Wednesday, the 28th. Normally, yes, the questions would be posted on Wednesday, but this way you'll have a full day to think about your answers before chat.

Here is the scheduled I had planned for chat:
6PM Pacific
7PM Mountain
8PM Central
9PM Eastern

We'll try this and see how it works. When it gets closer to chat time, I'll post some guidelines to try to keep it from becoming a chat free-for-all, although on the Charlaine's Charlatans page, the moderator said the book with Eric and the shower was just chaos. lol, I am totally looking forward to that.
If you can't make the chat discussion, don't worry! You can catch us the next week, or until Harvey pulls the plug on it. You may also feel free to answer the questions here in the book klub forum, and answer as many or as few as you like. Remember, the only rule I'll truly be enforcing is the one that says you can't kill me with a stick.
Happy reading, everybody! I can't wait to see how everyone feels about the book!

Look! A Bunny!

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