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Default full screen for Mobi books with images?

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I have a comic series that's in mobi format that is comprised entirely of images, but every time I go to a new page my Kindle 3 shows it in a zoomed out version, I have to move the directional pad and click "zoom" to get it full screen, and it's awesome once I do that, but I'd like to have it do that by default. Is there any way to get it to show the zoomed image by default? It's very annoying to have to do it to every image. Thanks!
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I know of no way to get it to show a page or image full-screen (with no margins, etc., the way it does with book covers, and when you zoom in to an image). It would take a lot of reformatting, but I've always wondered why comics couldn't be put on the kindle with just one comic frame (or two, one above the other) on the kindle. The book would have a lot of "pages", but I wouldn't mind quickly turning pages as I read the comic.
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