Just released yesterday! This is the fifth in Michael Wallace's astounding thriller series, "The Righteous." Download this intelligent and suspenseful read today, for $4.99.

"A real page-turner! This is the fifth of Michael Wallace's Blister Creek "Righteous" series. In this entry, reluctant Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saint Jacob Christianson has been named prophet in the wake of his father's death. He no longer believes in the teachings with which he was raised, but has been brought home to the FLDS compound in the wake of a series of murders by a rival FLDS sect led by the Kimball family.

"The author not only puts us into the middle of the action, but also demonstrates the dangers of fundamentalism in very concrete ways. Women kept isolated and undereducated, men told that they have the power to do whatever they choose. This series is a fascinating look at both the dark side of religion and the challenges faced by those who try to walk away. Highly recommended."

-- Amazon reviewer
Destroying Angel (Righteous Series #5), by Michael Wallace

As the reluctant new leader of Blister Creek, Dr. Jacob Christianson dares to hope he finally has delivered his people from the brutal Kimball clan-until his adopted son Daniel begins suffering from terrifying visions. Jacob knows all too well the mental illness that plagues the Kimballs, Daniel's biological family, fueling their thirst for vengeance and power. Desperate for answers, Jacob immerses himself in the history of Blister Creek, plumbing its blood-soaked origins for something-anything-to save his beloved son from the path of evil.

All the while, the fugitive Taylor Kimball Junior is gathering the tattered remnants of his family, rallying them for one final assault on Blister Creek. Driven by the same dark angel fighting for Daniel's soul, Taylor Junior won't stop until he claims his rightful place as the prophet of Blister Creek-and wipes the Christianson bloodline from the earth forever.

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I've trekked across the Sahara on a camel, ridden an elephant through a tiger preserve in Southeast Asia, eaten fried guinea pig, and been licked on the head by a skunk.

In a previous stage of life I programmed nuclear war simulations, smuggled refugees out of a war zone, and milked cobras for their venom. I speak Spanish and French and grew up in a religious community in the desert.

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