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TNT has a new show called "Trust Me" in the episode that aired on 2/16  titled "Au Courant"  The main characters daughter talks about downloading a new ebook, then in the last two minutes, it shows her reading KK when her dad comes home from work.  I wondered if this was a new torture device used by Amazon for all of us who have been waiting for (a kindle, any kindle,  let me have mobile books please!!!) so long..  Did any one else see it?  They only showed the back of it which makes me think it was being used as a prop, not as product placement.  If it was product placement (subliminal advertising) they would have cut to an over the shoulder shot that would have mostly featured the kindle.  Any thoughts....

bookfiend said:
yea all right I get it, "just a newbe trying to get the hang of things around here" sorry
No blood, no foul. Zillions of duplicate threads. Nobody worries about it much. :)

Our Search function is better than that of most bulletin boards. You can do a global search from the main page, or search within each sub-forum by going into one and using it. So, you'll get different results if you search for "killer rabbit" from the Main Page than you will if you go into the Book Corner and try the same search.

It's a pretty handy function. ;)

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